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Oct 11, 2012 11:30am PDT
first," is at the heart of this policy. itces controls on education and employment and extends across the entire range of social relations. after the race riots in the '60s, the government decided that they had to break that identification. they had to bring malays into the city, into the growing manufacturing, into the future of the country and build one malaysia that way, that if they just left them as the poor farmers out in the countryside, it was going to be nothing but trouble. and so their policies made malay the national language. they saved the university positions for the malays; they made the schools in malay; they put all the... the banking was for malay. companies had to be malay, and then they might hire chinese subcontractors to do the actual printing. but the printing/publishing companies had to be malay. and so the chinese who had been wealthy-- a lot of them left to canada and to singapore. for the chinese who remained, however-- they stayed in an economy that was growing in prosperity, a country that was growing. and it's not as though their land or their money or a
Oct 10, 2012 7:30pm PDT
that into another analogy, or just an insight into religion and education - may have used it, may not, but here, we'll use it again. education and religion - educational institutions are at the same time institutions of stability and control. at the same time, educational institutions are foundations for innovation, for transcendence - knowledge is an extraordinary power. and that's why we have these colleges and universities, so that people like me and my administrative buddies upstairs can control this very dangerous process. religion is exactly the same way - it's an enormous power. and so we ritually, we have this instinct, as you're bringing out, janet, is there's an instinct to want to use it to control and to have stability at the same time, just as knowledge is always going to create a transcendence it has to if it's real - the creation and extending of knowledge, which we ideally do at a university, is powerful stuff. well, the same thing in religion. let me jump onto these notes and then we'll get to you, barbara, because i want to do my civil religion notes, and then i'll f
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2